Project Attributes

Dynamic Design

A pedestrian-oriented development complemented by unrivalled access to main roadways.

An All-access Pass to Urban Amenities

A unique multi-use plaza that redefines the everyday shopping experience.

Purposeful Real Estate

Day-to-day conveniences accompanied by night-time destinations.

Year-round Outdoor Entertainment

A versatile mercantile hub anchored by lush park space in the summer; a vibrant ice rink in the winter.

Urban Convenience Revamped

A community within a community boasting diverse tenant offerings designed with year-round convenience in mind.

Pedestrian-oriented Architecture

Unique architectural features and site design elements, including the use of quality building materials and diverse surface textures.

Distinctive Character

Master planning, architecture, landscape, lighting, urban furniture, paving and public art cohesively create harmony in the District.

Striving for Sustainable Builds

Committing to development that puts environmental awareness at the forefront of architecture and design.